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The Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health (CPATH) brings a public health voice to the debate on trade and sustainable development. We conduct research, policy analysis and advocacy in the interest of protecting and improving the health of individuals, communities and populations; expanding access to health-related services; and advancing global economic policies that are democratic, sustainable, and socially just. This website provides resources on the links between the global economy and public health priorities.

CPATH Globalization & Health Resource Center serves as a central information resource about the relationships between economic globalization, international trade agreements and economic policy, and public health. It provides timely and relevant reports from CPATH and other organizations, official texts, and links to relevant organizations and publications.

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Public Health to Congress: Oppose Fast Track!
CIndy Young for CPATH, 3rd from Left (front)

CPATH representative Cindy Young alerted Congressional Rep. Dr. Ami Bera (D-CA), and staff for Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA), on the public health hazards of granting the President “fast track” trade promotion authority, at 2 district meetings in March, 2015. Young presented a public health letter [link below] from CPATH and California Public Health Association-North (CPHA-N) detailing how fast track authority would allow complex trade agreements with sweeping implications for the public’s health, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP), to leapfrog democratic review and require members of Congress to cast an "up or down" vote without public hearings or amendments. This would set a dangerous standard for public health and for our democracy.

She also presented the recent Journal article by Dr. Sohil Sud,  CPATH Fellow, on tobacco and trade.  

CPATH  urged Congress to intensify transparency and involvement by the public and our elected officials at every stage of trade negotiations. Congress must retain the ability to ensure that our trade obligations do not undermine the mandate of governments to protect public welfare objectives, including income equality, affordable medicines, tobacco control, fair labor standards and a safe environment.

The coalition of community, environmental, and labor partners at the meetings included the Citizens Trade Campaign, Communications Workers of America, Postal Workers of America, SEIU 1000, Sierra Club, Democratic Club of Sacramento, IBEW, and the Alliance for Democracy.

CPATH, CPHA-N Letter: No Fast-Track!


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