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Here's more information about CPATH.

CPATH Co-Directors Ellen Shaffer and Joe Brenner 

Ellen R. Shaffer, PhD MPH, and Joseph E. Brenner, MA, are the founders and Co-Directors of the Center

Ellen R. Shaffer


Ellen R. Shaffer writes and lectures extensively on globalization and health, access to health care, and women's health.  Under her leadership, CPATH called national attention to the impact of the US-Australia free trade agreement on drug reimportation measures. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco.

She served as senior health policy advisor to U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone from 1992 to 1995, guiding staff work on national health care reform and managed care patients' rights. Her proposal for a state-based universal health service, under a grant from the California Health Care Options Project, extended her work with U.S. Representative Barbara Lee on H.R. 3000, the U.S. Universal Health Service Act. She co-authored the chapter on politics in the latest edition of Our Bodies Ourselves. She serves on the Executive Board of the American Public Health Association. She has a Masters in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley, a Ph.D. from the School of Hygiene and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, and is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist.


Joseph E. Brenner


Joe Brenner is a nationally

recognized advocate for

public policies and private

sector initiatives to promote

social and economic justice,

and a leader in expanding the

voice of working families and

community organizations in

civil society. His reports on

corporate members of the

U.S. Trade Representative's

Advisory Committees launched

CPATH's campaign to

democratize trade policy

making. In 2006, Dr. Shaffer

and Mr. Brenner developed

and taught a semester-long

course in Globalization and

Health for U.S. college students

traveling in India, China and

South Africa through the

International Honors Program.

He has conducted extensive

research on cross-border labor

communication between the

U.S. and Mexico, particularly

regarding the impact of trade

agreements such as NAFTA,

and has been a frequent invited

lecturer and presenter at national

and international fora.  He holds

a Masters' Degree in International

Communication from American

University in Washington, D.C.

CPATH Advisory Board - The Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health is

committed to building the leadership capabilities of both its own staff and

community members who participate in its projects and campaigns.  The

CPATH Advisory Board provides consultation and strategic direction for the

organization, and is comprised of regionally and nationally recognized

activists and leaders in the public health, medical, environmental and

labor communities. The CPATH Advisory Board reflects the diversity of

the community.


Felix Aguilar, MD MPH, Long Beach Department of Public Health. Active

member of Doctors for Global Health, Southern California Public Health



William Arrocha, PhD, International Trade Policy, Monterey Institute of

International Studies, Monterey, California.


Roberta Brooks, former legislative director for U.S. Representatives Ronald

V. Dellums and Barbara Lee, works as a consultant to nonprofit

organizations in Alameda County.


Garrett Brown, Coordinator, Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network,

links local groups fighting for safe and healthy workplaces on both sides of

the U.S-Mexico border.


Elizabeth Drake, JD, Stewart and Stewart, tracks the effects of international

trade agreements on U.S. businesses and on union members.


Meredith Fort, PhD Candidate, University of Washington, and Instancia de

Salud, Guatemala. Implements and advocates for primary care programs.


Erica Frank, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Emory University School of

Medicine, serves on the national boards of the American College of

Preventive Medicine and Physicians for Social Responsibility, is PSR’s Atlanta

Chapter President, and is actively involved in the environmental movement.


Wenonah Hauter, Director, Food and Water Watch, coordinates national

grassroots campaigns on accountability for water, energy and

environmental protection.


Nuria Homedes, MD, DrPH, Associate Professor, University of Texas, at El



Ying Lee, former staff aide to U.S. Representative Ronald V. Dellums and

Barbara Lee, consults with Bay Area nonprofits including projects that

Bring healthy food to elementary schools.


Brenda Lein, Director Project Immune Restoration; Information and

Advocacy, Project Inform, brings together leading AIDS researchers with

grassroots activists to shape both the advocacy and research agendas.


Mary Ann Mercer, DrPH, Assistant Professor, International Health Program,

University of Washington, works extensively on primary health care issues

in developing countries, and on Health Alliance International programs to

make affordable medications available.


Laura Metune, Consultant, California Senate Committee on International



Judy Norsigian, a founding member and Director of Our Bodies Ourselves,

has created links with women’s groups around the world through the

widely translated manual.


Terri Owen, CTR, Manager Cancer Registry, Stanford Cancer Center,

collecting cancer incidence and treatment data for the California State

Registry, SEER and the American College of Surgeons.


Viji Rangaswami, JD, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


Mark Ritchie, Director Emeritus, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy,

links agricultural activists in the U.S. heartland with policy-makers and

advocates on a wide range of topics, including health and environmental



Sarah Shannon, Executive Director, Hesperian Foundation.


Victor Sidel, MD, Professor, Montefiore School of Social Medicine, Past

President, APHA, is a national and international force for universal access

to health care and for peace.


Kristen Smith, MPH, CPATH Fellow.


Robert Stumberg, JD, Professor, Harrison Institute for Public Law,

Georgetown University, conducts legal clinics and organizes legal research

that challenges the inequitable effects of international trade agreements.


Antonio Ugalde, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas, Austin.


Cesar Vieira, MD, MPH, MPhil, Area Manager Emeritus, Governance and

Policy, Pan American Health Organization.


Alicia Yamin, JD, Director of Research, Physicians for Human Rights, and

Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, Harvard University, focuses

on human rights issues related to access to water and health care in

Latin America and the U.S.


Donald Zeigler, PhD, Deputy Director, RWJ Matter of Degree Program.

CPATH is a project of the Center for Policy Analysis, a nonprofit organization. 
Bringing a Public Health Voice to Global Trade and Sustainable Development
Ellen R. Shaffer and Joe Brenner, Co-Directors
P.O. Box 29586, San Francisco, CA 94129
phone 415-922-6204