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Sign-on Statements
  • Peru Agreement - Organizational Sign-On  March, 2007

Organizations are invited to sign on to the Public Health Critique and Fixes, which recommends how to fix the pending U.S.-Peru Trade Agreement to conform with the 7 Public Health Objectives for Global Trade.  Organizations can sign on to as many of the 7 statements as they wish.    We invite you to review this document and indicate which of the 7 statements you are signing on to by Thurs. 3/22, by email to:

The 7 areas addressed are:

1.   Assure democratic participation by public health and transparency in trade policy:
2.   S
ustainable economic development
3.   Government sovereignty to promote and protect population health,
including laws on public health, the environment and labor.
4.   Exclude vital human services such as health care, water supply and sanitation, food safety and supply, and education, including licensing and cross-border movement of personnel
5.   Exclude tobacco products
6.   Exclude alcohol beverages
7.   Eliminate intellectual property provisions related to pharmaceuticals
, and promote trade provisions which enable countries to exercise all flexibilities provided by the Doha Declaration on Public Health

Click here to download Public Health Critique & Fixes - Peru

  • Public Health Objectives for Global Trade Agreements: Statement to House Ways & Means Committee, Feb. 2007

Click here to download Public Health Objectives

CAFTA Public Health Statement

There are grave concerns regarding the US-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and similar pending trade agreements. A number of provisions would lock in threats to public health and health care. Provisions of the services chapter could reduce affordable access to vital human services including health care, water supply, education and energy; and preempt the authority of public officials to protect health standards for professional licensing, environmental and occupational health, alcohol and tobacco protections, privacy rules, and patients’ rights.

Public Health Statement On The U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), To: U.S. Congress, U.S. Trade Representative, June, 2004

Click here for CAFTA Sign-on Statement

Call for Public Health Accountability in International Trade Agreements, November, 2003

Click here for Call for Public Health Accountability in Trade Agreements

Click here for "Call for Public Health Accountability in Trade Agreements" (Español)

•  Singapore and Chile Free Trade Agreements: Test Cases for Protecting Health, July, 2003

Click here for US-Chile/US-Singapore FTAs Sign-on Statement

•  GATS: Sign-on Statement, March 2003

Click here for GATS Sign-on Statement

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