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  The APHA Trade & Health Forum

2008 Presentations on Trade and Health


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Presenters are offering our work for public benefit.  We ask that you cite us [author, title, website] for any materials you use.  You are welcome email the authors to let us know you've used our work, or to send comments.

Health & Trade Policy for Specific Industries.

Moderator: Garrett Brown


Tobacco Trade Policy & Health. Stanton Glantz

Global trade agreements: The role and objectives of the alcohol industry Donald W. Zeigler

Adverse economic, health, environmental, and human rights consequences of the global diamond trade Martin Donohoe

Public Health Strategies to Address Trade Policy.

Moderator: Kristen D. Smith

Update on free trade agreements Ellen R. Shaffer

Humanitarian Licensing in Universities: Circumventing the Politics of International Trade Enforcement Branden Pfefferkorn

Pharmaceutical Sector of the Western Balkan Countries Aizhan Imasheva

Trade Policy, Health, Economics & Justice

Moderator: Susanna Rankin Bohme

TRIPS compulsory licensing and retaliation: Implications for access to essential medicines in the long term Sheikh Shahnawaz

Influence of Trade Policy on Health. Poster Session

Do trade law obligations constrain policy options for obesity prevention? Barbara Von Tigerstrom

International Trade and Public Health: Trade vs. tobacco control during the framework convention on tobacco control negotiation Hadii Mamudu

Glitter and greed: Adverse economic, health, environmental, and human rights consequences of gold jewelry Martin Donohoe

Globalization and the health of migrant workers in Chile Pamela Torres

You can also contact the following presenters by email, whose work is not displayed here:

Bringing a Public Health Voice to Global Trade and Sustainable Development
Ellen R. Shaffer and Joe Brenner, Co-Directors
P.O. Box 29586, San Francisco, CA 94129
phone 415-922-6204