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American Public Health Association

135th APHA Conference, Washington, DC Nov. 3-7, 2007


Latest Presentations on Trade and Health:


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3082.0:  Increasing access to second-line HIV/AIDS medications: Brazil and Thailand, Tanyaporn Wansom, BA [presentation coming soon]

3303.0 Trade Policy Analysis and Health

Presider: Mary Anne Mercer

Trade agreements threaten states' rights to control drug costs. Michael Palmedo

 Michael Palmedo

Illegitimacy: Domestic public health policy making- US-Australia FTA. Kevin Outterson

Kevin Outterson

Universities & Essential Medicines. Lauren Smith



4010.0 Trade Policy, Tobacco and Medicines

Presider: Donald Zeigler

Bilateral Latin American free trade agreements and access to medicines: An analysis of the process. Bernardo Useche, PhD student, Nuria Homedes, MD, DrPH, Antonio Ugalde, PhD

A human rights approach to law and decision-making on trade and access to essential medicines: A critical perspective. Clancy J. Kelly, BA GDip MIC Law Law School, University of Melbourne, Australia

Clancy J. Kelly

Tobacco co.s use Malawi to lobby against global tobacco control. Marty Otanez, PhD

Marty Otanez  

"Calling Phil-ip Morrr-rriss!": Nurses bearing witness to corporate greed. Sharon P. Brown, PhD(c), MPH, MN [presentation coming soon]

4223.0 Agricultural policy and subsidy distribution: Nutrition and public health implications, Hope Ferdowsian, MD, MPH Washington Center for Clinical Research and George Washington University

4289.0: Alcohol industry 101: Understanding the major players, Michele Simon, JD, MPH,



5095.1 Public Health and Trade Policy  Presider: Karen Valenzuela

Protecting Occupational Health in Trade Agreements -- NAFTA's Failure and Future Needs Garrett D. Brown, MPH, CIH

Garrett D. Brown

Controlling toxic trade: Policy, politics, pitfalls and potentials Susanna Rankin Bohme, MA

Susanna Rankin Bohme

CAFTA's impact on access to medicines for women and families in Guatemala.

Ellen R. Shaffer

Advocating a public health voice in U.S. trade policy: Progress in 2007 Joseph Brenner, MA, Ellen R. Shaffer, PhD MPH

 Joseph Brenner

5003.0 Public Health Perspectives on Trade & Health - Posters

Easing resource constraints for public health: Realizing the right to health through the right to development. Ashley Fox, MA, Ph.D. Candidate, Benjamin Mason Meier, JD, LLM Department of Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University Mailman School of Publ

Countering the World Bank Report, Curbing the Epidemic to obstruct the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Hadii Mamudu, PhD, Ross Hammond, Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Hadii Mamudu

Obesity, food supply and trade policy in Santiago, Chile. Sarah A. Wolf, MPH, RD, Sheila Gahagan, MD, MPH, Marcela Castillo, M Phil

"Poverty reduction" A Trojan Horse of Globalization. Biruck Tulu, RN, BSN, OCN

Biruck Tulu

Health tourism: A framework for sustainable development. Victoria EH Lee, MD, Andy Tan MD MPH MBA Candidates, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Victoria EH Lee,  Andy Tan,

A problem of epidemic proportions? The unanticipated consequences of infectious disease outbreak on international trade. Sheikh Shahnawaz, PhD

Sheikh Shahnawaz

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